OneShot Keto

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The Overview

The weight loss supplement?OneShot Keto, claims to burn fat more effectively, reduce the appetite, provide a feeling of fullness etc. The product does have an official website, but it is extremely limited in information and poorly presented, giving it an unprofessional appearance. While the name of the manufacturer is known, their contact details are limited and there is no mention of a customer service department on the website if consumers have questions or concerns.

The manufacturer provides a brief description of?OneShot Keto?and although only one key ingredient is mentioned, the full list is not disclosed. Additionally, there is no mention of any clinical tests that may have been performed on the formula but the site does provide some consumer success stories or reviews.

OneShot Keto?can be purchased from the website for?$12.99. There are discounts offered when purchasing larger amounts of the supplement, even the manufacturer does have a subscription program which the customer can join. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money back on all their supplements, full details are not provided regarding terms and conditions.